Health and Wellness
The ABX Guide to Being Stuck at Home During the COVID Crisis

The ABX Guide to Being Stuck at Home During the COVID Crisis

Health and Wellness

March 27, 2020

The world is a wildly different place than it was 10 days ago and seems to be ever-evolving at an hourly rate. With so much uncertainty, it’s important to know that you can rely on AbsoluteXtracts to help get you through each day. Today, we’ll answer some of the burning questions you may have about where to purchase, what to steer clear of, and how to best maintain your products safely. 

General Knowledge

Remember to keep calm and remain home as necessary if asked to do so. California is currently under a state-wide “stay at home” order to limit the spread of COVID-19. As community members and citizens, it is our responsibility to ensure we are assisting our government officials and community members in the fight against the spread of the virus. 

Thanks to members of our community who rallied in support, cannabis has been deemed an essential business service through this lockdown. Many dispensaries and delivery services across the state remain operational. 

How to Purchase

Search for a licensed delivery service that operates in your area by visiting our Store Locator or order online for curbside pickup at If you need to visit a retail location, call ahead to ensure that they are currently open for daily operations. 

Use hand sanitizer that is supplied at most licensed retailers and maintain a safe distance from others (minimum 6 feet!). If you feel unwell, stay home and look for a friend or family member over the age of 21 to assist you.

Consider ingestible and edible options if you are seeking an alternative to inhalation.

What to Avoid

Stock up but try not to go overboard! Our supply chain is in full operations, meaning throughout this time we will continue to deliver to licensed retail partners that remain open for business. Everyone needs access to cannabis during these times!

Avoid sharing inhalable products (joints, vapes) with others.

Avoid enclosed spaces with numerous people as well as large gatherings. Festivals and large events have been canceled or postponed at this time. The CDC advises that events likely to have 10 or more people are a higher risk for the spread of COVID-19 illness. Maintain social distancing; it’s for everyone’s benefit. 

Cleaning Tips

To clean the surfaces of your vaporizer battery or cartridge, use alcohol-based wipes or isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a clean paper towel. The Center for Disease Control recommends using sanitizer with at least 60% to combat the spread of germs. 

Maintaining Your Cool

The unknown can at times be the scariest part. If working from home, strive to maintain your daily routine to support healthy, normal habits. 

Get out of the house and into nature where possible. Fresh air is vital at this time and some trails remain open. A brisk walk around the block can do wonders to break the monotony of a work-from-home day. Remember to keep the 6-foot minimum distance between yourself and others.

This could be an introvert's dream. Take moments to meditate and for quiet reflection. Some of us have been dreaming of an extended work-from-home opportunity. While this is no one’s ideal scenario, find ways to take advantage of this time and opportunity for self-growth and wellness. 

Read the book, start the journal, or begin the yard work that you have been postponing. Stuck at home doesn’t have to mean stuck in a rut!

No matter where you find yourself, look to AbsoluteXtracts to help enhance every day.