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Where to Safely Get Out and Enjoy Nature!

Where to Safely Get Out and Enjoy Nature!

Health and Wellness

July 30, 2020

  By Dante Jordan

Cannabis and nature go together like, well, cannabis and nature. Few things feel as good as taking a pull off your ABX GSC cart and staring at the ocean for the next few hours. And with the pandemic shutting down the world as we know it, we are all seeking day trips and outdoor getaways more than ever. Luckily for people in California, open roads; scenic views; and state parks are plentiful.

On any adventure, it’s important to remember to take all COVID-related precautions. Safety measures vary by state, but generally, make sure to maintain social distancing, wear masks over your nose and mouth, and keep your hands washed and sanitized. 

That said, here are some of the best day trips and nature activities for CA residents.

Best California day trips and outdoor adventures


You may have come into this list thinking “Joshua Tree and Yosemite, duh!” And you’d be correct, however, with cannabis being a federally illegal substance still, you should avoid having cannabis in national parks. State parks, like the Portola Redwoods State Park, located just 50 miles south of San Francisco, are a much safer alternative. The park contains eighteen miles of trails, waterfalls on Fall and Pescadero creeks; and for the people that love camping, Portola Redwoods State Parks hosts a 55-site family campground, 4 group sites, and a trail camp for backpackers. While group campsites remain closed due to COVID, individual camping, and hiking trails are open. 


Big Sur is one of the most famous California day trips , and for good reason. Just two-and-a-half hours south of San Fran, the beach town is full of opportunities for that outdoor feel-good energy. Attractions include soaking in the coastal views as you cruise the Bixby Creek Bridge, and outdoor sites like the McWay Waterfall and the Pfieffer Big Sur State Park, which is another great spot for camping and hiking trails. Their campgrounds are fully open, however their Oak Grove, Pfeiffer Falls, and Pine Ridge trails are closed. Buzzard's Roost, Valley View, Liewald Flats, Mt. Manuel, River Path, Warden's Path and the Big Sur River Gorge remain fully accessible.


Carmel-by-the-Sea, or simply Carmel, is a cute lil’ beach town located on the Monterey Peninsula. Another treasure located just a couple hours south of the Bay Area, Carmel thrives off of tourism, so in compliance with governor Newsom’s orders, their restaurants, retailers, and community are ready for your visit. The historic town is best known for its museums and cottages that give way to Bavarian vibes. It’s also home to a perfect sunset-watching spot in Carmel Beach. Truly, if you just need a simple getaway to a place where you can sit and think, punch this destination into you GPS.


Most of the beaches you check for right now are going to be closed. The government wants to shut down group gatherings as much as possible, so we can finally get out of this corona funk. One of the beaches (and its parking lots) that remains open is Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA. It’s located just 45 minutes South of Los Angeles, and past its beautiful views, popular activities include: surfing, kayaking, biking, and beach bonfires. For my people that are dying without the ocean, this is your spot.


If you’re needing a Los Angeles escape that’s deep in nature, head a couple hours east to Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is a small city, and lake that is well-known for being one of California’s best summer vacation spots. Well outside of the city, Big Bear is home to the Bear Mountain Ski resort, a winter hotbed for skiers. For year-round fun, Big Bear Lake boasts miles upon miles of hiking trails and lake shoreline. Like all places that thrive off tourism, Big Bear Lake is currently offering great deals on cabin rentals, so this would be a great location to pull up to with the homies. Just remember to be socially distant and in compliance with the governor’s orders.


Laguna Beach is much more than an MTV reality show about messy teenage drama. It’s an affluent beach town in California where you can soak up mad sun and mad views. The website says Laguna Beach has over 7 miles of coastline and over 20,000 acres of wilderness to explore. Restaurants and certain retailers aren’t the most available, but all the outdoor activities like hiking, biking, surfing, skimboarding, and even diving are still accessible. Whether you just want to go for a walk outside or catch a few waves, Laguna’s got it for you.

Best ABX products for California day trips

AbsoluteXtracts (ABX) is a California cannabis extracts company that produces a full range of products including concentrates, pods, and vape cartridges. When you’re on the move for a day trip, obviously it would be a huge hassle to pack around a dab rig, even if it’s a Puffco Peak, so the discrete and portable ABX vape carts would be the most ideal choice.

If you’re going the ABX full-spectrum vape cart route, they have several strain-specific carts that may get you right. I’d suggest trying the Blue Dream or Grand Daddy Purple carts. Blue Dream is known for having a pretty manageable high, and the effects tend to make you feel pretty happy-go-lucky, which is perfect when all you want to do is laugh outside. On the OG Kush side of things, it’s a more potent hybrid strain that also gives off a feel-good high that makes great for social activities.

If you’re looking to go the flavor-first route, their Loud+Clear live resin cartridges may be for you, specifically the Blue City Diesel or Lemon Cake. 

Blue City Diesel gives off a euphoric high and smooth body buzz. It’s great for daytime activities, like hopping in the whip and heading towards your next hike or soaking up beach life. Lemon Cake is a tasty sativa that gives off uplifting cerebral buzz. Like Blue City Diesel, this strain may be another great addition to your next outdoor adventure.

Planning your next cannabis adventure starts with AbsoluteXtracts.