The ABX Files

October 1, 2020
When it comes to California’s top five favorite strain-specific vape carts, ABX’s Granddaddy Purple;… Read more
April 22, 2019
We think single-use plastic is pretty lame so we made our vapes inherently child-resistant without the need for extra… Read more
June 15, 2018
Days are getting longer, weather’s getting warmer, sleeves are getting shorter, that’s right, summer is right around… Read more
April 17, 2018
Did you know cannabis and hops have a common ancestor? Turns out, they've been the hit of the party for 27 million… Read more
October 20, 2017
In the midst of the firestorms that have impacted Northern California, our community has once again joined forces to… Read more
July 8, 2017
We got a chance to chat with the man behind our first artist collab about his art, medical cannabis, and love for the… Read more
June 21, 2017
What does "vertical integration" mean? Simply put, from a tiny seed to the product on the shelf, we do it all!
May 25, 2017
We harness the power of the sun and natural life cycle of cannabis to be able to offer our customers quality cannabis… Read more
March 10, 2017
From a sprouting seedling to the final product at a dispensary, we’re involved completely.
December 15, 2016
CannaCraft recently received full local authorization to manufacture marijuana-infused products for medicinal use.