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Cannabis-Infused Meditation

Cannabis-Infused Meditation

Health and Wellness

February 16, 2018

The hustle of life has its benefits and limitations. When it becomes too much, us hustlers look to blow off some steam. We all have our way of doing that: some people work out, some people go out, some run, and some light up. But have you thought about meditation?

Though the pair have had a long, loving relationship that dates back centuries, cannabis and meditation have recently been making headlines in the US market. While in no means a new concept, big corporations, like Google, have been incorporating and encouraging meditation in the workplace--which makes sense because work is stressful. Ok, so Google probably isn’t encouraging their employees to also light up, but can you imagine how enjoyable your workday would be?

The history of meditation and cannabis manifested in India where the two are synonymous when worshipping Lord Shiva. It is believed that Shiva, a well-known Indian God, indulged in cannabis when meditating to help him relax, focus and make love. Cannabis is illegal in India, but because of its strong ties to Shiva, it has become a prime Prasad (offering) during worship festivals. In its legal form of Bhang, cannabis is consumed by many holy-worshippers in order to focus on their intention to become closer to Shiva.

Whether you want to achieve a religious experience or not, the Indian culture leads by example, successfully achieving an enlightened state of mind through meditation with cannabis.

The Benefits

There are many articles heeding caution not to mix cannabis with meditation because of reasons like the inability to focus, overwhelming thoughts, antsiness, paranoia – all of which can be common effects of cannabis but are also common effects for newcomers to meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, it’s highly unlikely to master it just from smoking a little cannabis. This is the most important part to remember: meditation is a practice that takes a lot of practice! It can be frustrating, but it also can enhance your quality of life.  

Once familiar with your own meditation ritual, cannabis can be used as a tool to relax. Successful use during meditation will shut out the outside world so that you can focus on the world inside your head. Benefits resulting from regular meditation include:

  1. Less stress and anxiety
  2. Better sleep
  3. Happier lifestyle/natural antidepressant
  4. Cardiovascular health

How to do it

Though experts can meditate for hours, you can successfully reap the benefits from just fifteen minutes on a regular basis.

Find the right setting and create the perfect ambiance. Set a timer for yourself so that you aren’t tempted to keep looking at the clock. These factors are crucial to achieve ultimate relaxation and eliminate distractions. Start slow and try ten to fifteen minutes, gradually increasing time as your tolerance grows.

The important part to keep in mind is that everyone’s meditation practice is different. Some things to think of when you're easing into meditation are:

  • Setting: sunlight, candlelight, or darkness
  • Music: silence, yoga chants, or ocean sounds
  • Comfort: yoga mat, pillow, grass, or in bed
  • Bonus features: aromatherapy, incense, or bubble bath
  • Cannabis: indica, sativa, hybrid, or edible

Which strain?

Just like meditation, the choice of strain is completely individual. Sativas usually stimulate the mind, so I’d recommend sticking to an indica-dominant strain like Cherry Pie or Blackberry Kush – both of which exhibit relaxation, a trait that can help you focus on one task at a time. The rest of the world disappears so that the to-do list, approaching deadline, and daunting workload can all be saved for tomorrow. This mentality, a common effect of indica, makes it possible to focus on self-reflection and is a jumpstart to meditation.

There are no rules to meditating. It takes time and practice and maybe some cannabis administration. You will want to start slow and educate yourself on microdosing which will help you to achieve your desired results with as little cannabis as possible. And remember: even though you may be meditating alone, you are not alone. During your practice, send some good vibes to Lord Shiva and the many Indian worshipers who have mastered the art of cannabis-infused meditation.