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What’s In My Vape?

What’s In My Vape?

ABX University

February 28, 2017

Smokers are smarter than ever, we know there are risks when it comes to smoking so we’ve found other ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Which is why many patients are choosing to vape cannabis as an alternative to smoking. Vaping has many benefits like portability, ease of use, and tons of different options. Though without knowing what exactly is in your vape pen, the question remains, what exactly am I vaping and is safe?

The Study

In 2015, an article entitled “All Vape Pen Oils are Not Created Equal,” was published to shed light on vaporizing CO2 extracted cannabis oil, a method that was becoming rapidly popular among medical cannabis patients in California. As a result of this comparison, it was shown that there was a hidden practice of diluting cannabis oil with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, the later if exposed to high heat could expose patients to carcinogens and dangerous toxins.

Residual Dangers

When it comes to cannabis extracts, it’s essential to assure consumers that they’re not only using products that are effective, but also conform to ethical, health, and safety standards. These practices are crucial because everything in the plant becomes concentrated when extracted, not just THC, which can affect what exactly is in your vaporized extract.

The Present

Setting the bar for standards of safety and efficacy, at AbsoluteXtracts we utilize only 100% CO2 extracted cannabis oils with no additives, dilution agents, or synthetic flavors, and ensure our products are free of pesticides and fertilizers by lab testing every batch and utilizing the highest natural horticultural standards. While many in the medical cannabis industry are also embracing these safer practices, it’s still possible for patients to receive products that could be harmful.

A Distaste for the Synthetic

When choosing a strain-specific oil, patients tend to gravitate towards effect and sensory perception, such as taste and smell. These effects are due to terpenes, the aromatic molecules responsible for the flavor and unique effect of each strain. There are many vape oils on the market that include synthetic flavors, the same that are added to commercial e-cigarettes. Very few of these chemicals have been studied for safety when vaporized and the ones that have can pose potentially harmful effects. Believing that the only way to vape is 100% cannabis oil, we embrace this mantra by offering strain-specific oils with the strain’s unique terpene profile to provide the best sensory experience and therapeutic effect.

What You Should Look For

When it comes to finding an effective, additive-free, and safe vape oil, there are a few things patients should look for before making their selection:

  • 100% CO2 extracted cannabis oil
  • Laboratory testing for potency (cannabinoids and terpenes) and results showing the absence of pesticides and fertilizers
  • No dilution agents such as vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol
  • No synthetic flavoring agents

Knowing the cannabis oil in your vape pen is safe and effective is essential to experiencing the fullest benefits of cannabis. We aim to inspire confidence and enjoyment with our 100% pure cannabis oil because you deserve the safest and highest quality products.