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Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Hi(gh)king

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Hi(gh)king

By Seasoned Stoner

Hiking is fun, but highking (hiking high) is even more fun. If you like reaching the summit and experiencing extraordinary views accompanied by the happy high produced by endorphins, adding the right cannabis strain to your hiking regimen will guarantee an absolute adventure. Since we’re avid hikers, we took it upon ourselves to determine the best of our 18 strain-specific vapes to give you the top five that are sure to enhance your hiking experience.

Blue Dream

The moment you take your first inhale of Blue Dream, the smooth vapor will release your mind straight onto cloud nine. In this state of euphoria, Blue Dream takes hiking to the next level by allowing you to let go of any stressful thought bouncing about your brain. This “Hakuna Matata” mindset is perfect for positive self-reflection and leaves you optimistically motivated to conquer any battle. While the cerebral high hits fast, the mellow body high that closely follows accompanies these euphoric mental effects. If you’ve ever been curious as to how an eagle feels when it spreads its majestic wings, this strain is the ultimate way to simulate that experience.

Warning: Be sure to pack munchies unless you want to risk having to forage for snacks along the trail. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Chem Dawg

Notorious for its invigorating nature, Chem Dawg is ideal for anyone who wants to reach new heights. Similar to Sour Diesel, Chem Dawg delivers an instant rush of mental restoration, however, this strain differs by offering a heavier body-high response. You may very well find yourself wandering the trail with an ear-to-ear grin, noticing the vivid imagery of nature surrounding you. Soak up some sun by taking a restful break on a rock or log to fully enjoy the delightful effects of Chem Dawg.

Warning: Chem Dawg could give you a sudden rush of uncontrollable laughter, please excuse the awkward looks passing you along the trail.


Remember that feeling when you were a child and you pulled the double-colored card in the game Candyland? Well, this strain will bring that level of excitement right back! CENSOREDland isn't just a clever name, it tastes like sweet, sweet sugary goodness that will leave your body and mind feeling uplifted and ready to go. This strain brings out the nostalgia of the sugar high you remember as a child but without having to brush your teeth. After taking a few hits of CENSOREDland you will be ready to conquer any mountain, and the euphoric effects allow you to connect with nature and leave your worries behind you.

Warning: CENSOREDland has been known to cause trail-drift. If you happen to hear any alluring sound in the forest, take our advice and try to avoid straying and getting lost.

Sour Diesel

Known as the coffee of cannabis, this fast-acting strain delivers an energizing and lucid effect. Sour D opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in your mind and allows you to view and experience the outdoors in a fantastic new way. After a few puffs on your vape you'll instantly become energized and focused toward the summit - without becoming sidetracked.

Warning: Pairing this strain with coffee could make you believe you’re capable of flying. Either bring a friend who cares about your safety or just try to remember that jumping off high rocks does not make you a bird.  

Durban Lime

Morning hikes aren’t for everyone, but add a little Durban Lime into your morning routine and this electrifying high will spark your body into motion. This mood-elevating strain takes the mind on a creative adventure so if you're one to pull out the old camera, the landscape will quickly become your french model. Whether it’s a four-mile trek along the coast or an eight-mile trail weaving through the redwood forest, Durban Lime will keep you alert and driven.

Warning: Although you may feel like Hercules on this high, remember you're only a mere mortal. Lifting heavy rocks and trees may look bad a$$ but can cause serious lower back injury.

‍When you're packing for the next adventure, throw in some munchies, agua, and of course, your favorite ABX Strain. The truth is, everyone’s experience with different cannabis strains can vary, so we highly recommend trying theses strains out for the first time in the comfort of your own home to fully understand the way the strain affects your body. Let us know which strain is your hiking favorite by tagging #abxadventure!   

Happy Hi(gh)king!

Disclaimer: This blog was written for entertainment purposes and should be treated as such. Please be aware of local laws and do not drive under the influence of cannabis. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.