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Coastal Cannabis

Cannabis Lifestyle

September 20, 2017

Toke. Coast. Glide. In today’s featured article you will discover a coastal guide for your toking side. Grab your sunglasses, water, and don’t forget your ABX battery. The drive to the coast is a little windy, but sit back and enjoy. Kicking it at the coast with cannabis by your side only amplifies the thrill.


It’s a desirable side effect of GSC – the piney taste and sticky head high from this cartridge always puts me deep into thought. Contemplation is amplified when combined with the coastal scenery. Imagine setting up a blanket on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The wind sways you back and forth and the ocean waves lap up against the shore. The sounds are enough to put you into another state of mind – the roar of the wave building as it moves forward, the crash as it tumbles over itself, and the sizzle of ocean foam being pushed up the sand. The mundane repetition of it puts me into a trance of thoughtfulness, and ideas run free.

Play Day

If your destination is the Pacific Ocean on the Northern California coast, you might not be bringing along that bathing suit for a light swim. But there are a ton of other playtime activities along the coast. Climbing the rocks along the shore and finding ocean creatures living among the tide pools is like being on a treasure hunt – just watch your step! Taking a toke and searching for seashells is an easy way of staying active during your restful day on the beach. Engaging activity makes me reach for Durban Lime – a relaxing sativa that gives me the energy to hop rocks and participate in social conversation if need be. Don’t skip out on the surf – especially come this fall! Durban Lime is the perfect pick for energy while meditatively riding the waves. Though, I’d suggest wearing a wetsuit because cannabis won’t help you cope with the cold.

Enjoy the Slow Life

There is something paradoxical that happens at the beach. When bare toes touch the sand, something changes the speed of everyday life. The sand slows down beach-goers physically, but the essence of the coast tends to slow down the everyday anxieties and put busy lives on pause. Embrace the slow life by turning off your phone and heating up your vape pen. Turn on some music and concentrate on your own artistic ability instead of incessantly cyber-liking those of others. Notice the way a seagull soars or a kite ebbs and flows. Taking time to slow down from the fast-paced society of today and incorporating eco-therapy will improve your mental health.


Why else do you go to the beach? If it’s a sunny day, catch some rays and maybe some Zs. Feeling zen is essential when bathing in the sun. It’s a bonus when those rays kissing your skin feel sensual too which is why I take a Blackberry Kush to the shores on a lazy afternoon. The taste is a true representation of summer with its freshly-picked blackberry flavor. And the deep indica vibes set out to rest your mind and tingle the surface of your skin.

Whether you are contemplating on the cliffs or shredding some surf, cannabis will coast with any of your surfside adventures.