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WTF is a Hangover

WTF is a Hangover

ABX University

March 15, 2022

Hangovers suck, amirite? Sure, mixing tequila and rum or even downing four glasses of wine while binging your favorite show may feel like a good idea at the time, but it often takes the next day to realize… it wasn’t. The truth is, even scientists don’t fully know why veisalgia, colloquially known as hangovers exist, even after you’ve thrown up, sweated it out, or tried to sleep it off. 

There is evidence of hangover symptoms, and some theories as to when, how, and why they occur, but again, nothing definitive to treat or prevent them. With so many unknowns, one thing’s for sure: we know a solution that still serves as the life of the party without the whole “making you feel like trash” part. 

Hangovers are More than Dehydration 

A hangover is often characterized as an alcohol withdrawal, meaning that 10 hours after your blood alcohol level peaks, psychological and physical effects will occur.

Water is life – and absolutely necessary if you plan on having even one drink. Once you break that seal, you’re pretty much hitting the restroom every 5 minutes, which greatly contributes to dehydration. Dehydration is one of the leading symptoms of a hangover along with dizziness, nausea, and headaches which could potentially lead to life-threatening effects including pancreatitis. It’s serious stuff, and we have downplayed it in society for a long time. 

You’re Essentially Poisoning Yourself 

ADH or alcohol dehydrogenase is the enzyme responsible for metabolizing alcohol in our bodies. As the ADH breaks down the ethanol in alcohol, it forms acetaldehyde, which is a poison and a carcinogen that turns into acetate, and finally CO2 and water. 

Your liver is working overtime to break down 90% of the alcohol, while the kidneys work to remove waste and keep the body hydrated. According to Northwestern Medicine, kidneys can no longer function properly after more than three drinks a day for women and more than four for men. This, of course, can lead to bigger problems. 

The “Poison” Can Lead to Short and Long Term Issues 

Since alcohol consumption leads to urination, the body becomes dehydrated fairly quickly, losing essential electrolytes. The loss of additional fluids could potentially lead to gastrointestinal disturbances that cause inflammation in the stomach lining. Aside from the abdominal pain alcohol potentially causes, vasodilatation or the widening of blood cells could occur which could lead to headaches. 

Alcohol also affects sleep patterns, altering the cortisol produced, the body’s temperature, and growth hormones. Not to mention, the tendency of dependency of this liquid disrupter is likely after continued use. 

While dehydration could be helped with a few bottles of water, the toxic effects, not so much. 

Cannabidiol and Hangovers

If alcohol affects the body, that certainly includes the endocannabinoid system. A 2007 study showed that after participants went on a 24-hour liquid diet, endocannabinoid levels lowered in the brain. Researchers saw a decrease in N-acylethanolamines, a substance related to mood, functioning similarly to cannabinoids.

While CBD is by no means a cure for hangovers, a 2011 review explored its potential regarding nausea and vomiting. For the inflammation caused by alcohol, CBD is believed to activate the 5HT and 1A endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, also known as the serotonin receptors, which could decrease nausea and prevent vomiting.

CBD no doubt helps with blood sugar, as its benefits are well-documented, however this happens over extended use, not so much after a night of drinking.

CBD itself is safe, but with alcohol, the effects remain unknown. Like with anything else, it depends on what your body agrees with although, why mess with CBD greatness? 

Session Without Hangover Fear 

ABX has something for everyone, including folks who love beer and beverages– but the potential headache, not so much. 

Our new BFF, HiFi Sessions, is alcohol-free, so that’s one guaranteed way to prevent a hangover. These new classics contain THC and  CBD, a complete 180 from the effects one would feel after downing boozy bevs. Whether recovering from a quick workout or relaxing on the couch, microdosing is made holistically enjoyable through this brew. The best part: You can safely knock back two or three to get a quick-onset buzz, and unlike alcohol, no nausea included. 


Hi-Fi Sessions is available in three different combinations of THC and CBD, offering three different ways to set your mood. The newest addition is Cloudberry, our most sessionable option with 2mg THC and 2mg CBD. It’s a calming and relaxing alternative to alcohol. 


​CBD works in concert with the endocannabinoid system, and studies suggest that even short-term exposure to alcohol can disrupt that system, knocking it out of balance. When the ECS is out of whack, it causes inflammatory issues, digestive problems, and even anxiety- very similar to a hangover. 

So the next time you plan a night out, consider grabbing an alcohol-free drink like HiFi Sessions for the night’s activities. Your present and future self will thank you.