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WTF is a Dab Duo?

WTF is a Dab Duo?

ABX University

September 7, 2023

Have you ever heard of a Dab Duo and wondered, “What the f*ck is that?” Dab Duo Rosin Gummies are the new ice water rosin edibles from ABX. These rosin-infused gummies pack the punch of a dab and delight your taste buds like a sugary treat. 

Each flavor of Dab Duo rosin gummies has been thoughtfully crafted to offer a sensational experience that perfectly complements its gummy counterpart. The harmonious fusion of these flavors ensures that Dab Duos can be enjoyed individually or savored in pairs, offering an extraordinarily tasty adventure in every bag.

Inside each pack, you'll find a dynamic duo of rosin gummy flavors, containing 10mg of THC per piece and a total of 100mg THC. Crafted from solventless ice water cannabis extract, derived from whole sun-grown Californian cannabis flower, Dab Duos delivers the intense, full-spectrum impact of a dab in each gummy.

Our proprietary extraction techniques enhance the full spectrum potency of the rosin while expertly eliminating the customary bitter aftertaste often associated with potency. Employing a unique proprietary extraction process, we naturally purify our rosin before infusing it into the delightful Dab Duos gummies. Our gummies are handcrafted in small batches, ensuring unparalleled quality and a meticulous dedication to flavor.

What is Ice Water Hash?

To create solventless ice water hash gummies, there are two main processes involved: making the hash and infusing it into our delicious gummies. It begins with washing fresh cannabis flower. The flower is placed in bubble bags of varying micron sizes and submerged in ice-cold water. Gentle agitation like the bubbles in carbonated water encourages trichomes, the resin glands containing cannabinoids, to detach and release into the trichome sparkling water. As the water calms and the trichomes and hash are collected, the extract is carefully dried and cured.

The Dab Duo gummy mixtures are prepared separately by following ABX’s unique recipes. When incorporating the ice water hash, it's crucial to ensure the mixture is at the right temperature, as excessive heat can damage the full spectrum of cannabinoids. The ice water hash is evenly mixed into the gummy mixture, its quantity precisely measured to 10mg of potent ice water rosin.

Indulge in Four Different Flavors

Each pack of the Dab Duo Rosin Gummies has been created to provide a range of flavors for all to satisfy a broad range of palates. Dab Duos are available in four complementary combinations of delectably fruity flavors.

Sour (Apple & Watermelon):

For those who relish sour flavors, this duo offers an initial zing followed by a delightful sweetness. The irresistible pairing of Apple and Watermelon will undoubtedly tempt you to indulge in a second piece.

Tropical (Guava & Passion Fruit):

Elevate your island reveries with the sun-soaked essence of Guava and Passion Fruit. Immerse yourself in the warmth of sandy shores and the caress of gentle ocean breezes, all within this tropical blend. Just add a splash of OJ to complete the experience.

Berry (Raspberry & Blueberry):

The mere mention of Raspberry and Blueberry says it all. This timeless flavor combination transports you to memories of summer picnics and backyard barbecues. The vivid and invigorating berry medley captures the essence of a true classic.

Exotic (Lychee & Dragon Fruit):

Set free the inner wildness with the unique essence of Lychee and Dragon Fruit. This succulent fusion will propel you enthusiastically into the not-so-faraway realm of effects of a dab.

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