Video transcript

James: Hi, I’m James. I’m the brand manager for Hi-Fi Hops and ABX. Today we’re here at the CannaCraft headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. Here we make a variety of products, from soft gels and tinctures, to cartridges, beverages, edibles, and more. We’ve got 43,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities – which means we have a lot of rooms, a lot of doors, and a lot of dedicated people bringing you the best cannabis products in California. What you may not know is there’s an elite group of folks who hand-make this craft beverage. Let’s go meet the team. These guys are the best. They’re always so excited to see me. I can’t wait to see Diego! That’s my boy. Check it out. What up guys!

Diego: I’ve been working for the company for like a year.

James: The team’s doing good.

Diego: Like together, they’re a great team.

James: How long has the longest person been working here?

Diego: I think the person is Pablo, and it’s like almost three years working here.

James: So he’s the pro.

Diego: He’s the master in the room. We can run like 9,000 bottles per day.

James: 9,000.

Diego: Yeah, 9,000 per day.

James: 900 ten-packs. That is the most simple math that I can do. It looks good in here. The team looks good too.