Video transcript

James: Hi, I’m James. I’m the brand manager for ABX. We’re here today at the CannaCraft headquarters to meet the team behind the infusion lab. The infusion lab at CannaCraft is where we make all of our edible products, from gummies and chocolates, to tarts, tablets, and more. Let’s go meet the team. So you’ve worked here for six years?

Laura: Almost six, five and half years. Satori was my beginning. So I learned how to do the whole panning process and production. And that’s how I started. So we have Sergio over here. He’s our master gummie maker – always trying to solve problems, troubleshooting. He comes with awesome solutions. And then Erick is his second-in-command. Eric is always down for anything. Always in a good mood, ready to help, super willing to do whatever needs to be done. Then we have Don Juvenal over here, who’s my star with everything. I would say Jose over here, he’s like the joker of our team, especially on Fridays, when the spirit is high!

James: On payday Fridays, especially

Laura: Especially. Our newest member would be Francisco, and he’s only been here for a year. We try to keep it fun, but we get our work done.

James: They make it more fun.