Video transcript

Hey everybody, this is James. I’m the brand manager with ABX and we’re here today to walk you through our cannabis oil distillation process. The first step in this process is to convert any of the THCA into THC. We do this through a process called decarboxylation – or decarbing for you industry insiders. This leaves us with a highly concentrated cannabis oil. To take this oil to the next level, we first need to run it through our thin-film distillation machine. The decarboxylated oil is first loaded into the feed vessel where it’s heated. This allows it to flow easily into the short-path thin film column. Here we can precisely separate the cannabinoids from any unwanted materials or compounds. The good – and the bad – go their separate ways. And we end up with beautiful distillate cannabis oil that can be used in a variety of products from edibles to vape cartridges to soft gels. To find out more about our distillate oil process go to and remember to follow us at @absolutextracts. And until next time, find your adventure.