Video transcript

James: Hey everybody, this is James with ABX. I am here today with Timothy Beauchamp. Tim is the formulations manager for AbsoluteXtracts and for all CannaCraft brand products. Now Tim, what is full-spectrum oil.

Tim: The complete extraction of the cannabinoids and terpenes. And what that entails is you’re getting a broader range of, not just THC, but more compounds given by the plant, along with the flavonoids and other compounds that you give such medicated effects, like indica and sativa.

James: Let’s start with the very basics. What is a terpene?

Tim: Well, a terpene is an essential oil that makes up the flavor and aroma.

James: So how do we extract our terpenes?

Tim: After loading the material into the CO2 extractor, we do a supercritical extraction of the terpenes prior to doing our subcritical oil full-spectrum extract. From there, we take the oil and we have our proprietary method of removing our water-cleared light terpenes that are very gassy and pungent, whereas the ones that come straight from the plant material are very earthy, aromatic, and true to the strain itself. 

James: Once we’ve extracted the terpenes from the cannabis, how do we re-introduce them to the oil to make our strain-specific cartridges?

Tim: So each strain has its own unique terpene profile, and that’s the blueprint we’re working off of. We’re going to analyze the terpenes we’ve extracted from that strain, so that way we can re-introduce them properly. The goal is to represent the flavor and the effects of the original flower.

James: Thank you for answering our questions today. And remember, follow us @absolutextracts for more behind-the-scenes looks at our day-to-day. And until next time, find your adventure.