Video transcript

Live resin is really, really special in that you are getting that profile – the flavors, the effects – from the flower, but in a cannabis concentrate that you can vaporize. Pretty simply, it’s a cannabis concentrate. But you extract it from fresh cannabis flower that is harvested and then frozen and then kept at sub-zero temperatures all the way throughout the extraction process. So it really, really highlights the freshest flower of each season because it has all those terpenes and cannabinoids you’re still going to get this really, really broad range of effects that you would expect to get from cannabis. But the thing that we recognize is that the cannabis plant is so much more than THC. I mean, there are so many compounds that work synergistically with each other and with our own body system to really give us that broad range of effects that you get from different cannabis strains. If you’re into dab-able concentrates, we’ve got those. If you want to try the ABX Live Dart pod, which is a really, really premium vaporizer battery and pod system, we have that. We also have 1 gram 510 universal cartridges The mission is to bring the freshest California cannabis and get it to as many people as we possibly can. There’s a lot of good cannabis out there. And there’s a lot of good people that need good cannabis.