Video transcript

Hi, I’m James. I’m the brand manager for ABX. If you’re watching this video chances are you have bought an ABX cartridge and a lithium battery. The battery comes with a few settings that you may or may not be aware of or potentially you’re just a little bit confused. Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for.

First things first: how the hell do you use this? It’s pretty easy. To turn the battery on and off, you just click this button five times. Battery is on. Each battery comes with three heat settings: green is low, blue is medium, and red is high. Very simple.

If you want to change between heat settings press the button three times.

One, two, three. Now it’s in green mode, which is low.

One, two, three, three more times it will indicate blue.

One, two, three, three more clicks is the highest setting, red.

Changing the heat settings allows you to personalize your experience. Try all three to see which one works best for you.

To charge your battery, you’ll need just a couple of pieces. You need a battery, and you need a charger. Now, this is the easy part: simply unscrew your battery from your cartridge and attach it to the threading on the USB charger. Then you can plug that into any USB slot, be it an iPhone converter or your laptop. While charging the LED light on the USB charger will be red. When it’s fully charged it becomes green or it turns off.

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Number 1, what does the flashing pink light mean? If you see the pink flashing light it could mean your cartridge is just screwed in too tightly. Simply loosen the cartridge ever so slightly and give it a hit. It works! It’s possibly that it could be a threading issue in the battery itself, and loosening the cartridge actually won’t solve the issue. If that’s the case, and you get the everlasting pink flashing battery, simply return it to your dispensary for a full product exchange.

How long should a battery’s charge last? Simple answer is, it varies. To extend the life our your battery make sure that you turn it off – five clicks – when not in use.

Can you ship batteries? Due to current postal, state, and federal regulations we cannot ship our lithium ion batteries.

Each ABX battery also comes with a pre-heat function. This is especially useful on cold days or just to get the oil flowing. To pre-heat your battery, simply press the button two times, and you will notice a beautiful rainbow effect as your cartridge pre-heats. You can also hit it while it’s pre-heating. We call this a “rainbow rip.”

That’s about it. Thanks so much for following and for choosing ABX. Remember, tag your post #abxadventure or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @absolutextracts. Til next time.