Video transcript

Welcome to your CannaCraft tour. We are the makers of AbsoluteXtracts, Care By Design, and Satori Chocolates. Today we’re going to take you to our headquarters. We’re going to visit our lab, our extraction sites, but we’re starting here with the garden. This is where it all begins. We want to take you through, show you what CannaCraft is all about today. Come take a look.

Welcome to CannaCraft headquarters. Let’s step inside. Here we are in Critical Solutions. This is where our team builds all of our CO2 extractors. Check them out.

We’re going to move on over and see these things in action. 

Here we are at our soft gel machine, where we have a run of 18:1 soft gels coming out now. 

All right, here we are in the lab. This is where we batch test each of our products to ensure potency and purity before it hits the shelves. Part per trillion. Nobody’s doing that!

All right, let’s roll into packaging and check these guys out while they get the products ready for the shelf. Pop in, take a quick look. Right to the top. Good job, guys. Looking good. 

Thank you, appreciate it.

Okay, now we’re at the marketing department. These kids always got crazy stuff going on in here. Let’s go check out, see what they’ve got. Check that out. I approve. It’s good, it’s good.

Okay, that’s going to wrap up your CannaCraft tour. I’m Justin, it was a pleasure being with you on this tour. It’s Friday. You guys ready to party? Let’s do this. Surpise!