Video transcript

Hi, I’m James from AbsoluteXtracts, here today with an exciting new product offering. ABX is now available in a spray can. Does your flower lack the appearance, aroma, or taste of high-quality cannabis? Just spray on ABX and instantly fix your weed! Still sitting on outdoor from two seasons ago? No problem. Just one spray of ABX OG Kush and you’ll turn that bammer into glammer. Flower not frosty enough? Let ABX lend you some sugar, some GG#4 and you’ll have the stickiest of the icky. Don’t even get me started on taste. With ABX, you can have terps on terps. For only $39.99 you can fix your weed. But wait, there’s more! Call now and we’ll throw in a can of ABX Grand Daddy Purp absolutely free. Order now, operators are standing by. (Cheers)