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AbsoluteXtracts is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing pure and potent cannabis concentrates in a variety of convenient applications.

Established by master cultivators and extraction industry pioneers, ABX continues to lead in creating safe, consistent and reliable cannabis products for daily convenience and relief. Our vape cartridges, soft gels, edibles, concentrates and oral drops utilize cutting-edge innovations in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Are you dabbing or vaping CRC extracts? Are the top-shelf concentrates or cartridges you are inhaling made with CRC tech? Do you even know what CRC stands for? Does its flavor profile seem natural to you? CRC tech stands for the color remediation column technology that is used by more than three-quarters of the cannabis industry making consumable butane hash oil. CRC tech is now widely used throughout commercial cannabis since its introduction to the industry in 2017. CRC technology is typically used to filter out any heavy metals, residual pesticides, excess flavors, and byproducts created… Read more
AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a homegrown California cannabis company. A lifelong love and passion for the cannabis plant is the driving force behind everything that we do. Our understanding of extraction produces the best of the best cannabis extract and concentrates and is a constantly evolving process. As part of the CannaCraft family, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with the master cultivators at Farmer and the Felon. Their sustainable cultivation practices, regenerative farming, and standards ensure that ABX is using the highest quality cannabis flower for our products. ​ ​Having access to… Read more
If you haven’t heard, Hi-Fi Hops is now called Hi-Fi Sessions. New to the line, which AbsoluteXtracts and Lagunitas have expertly crafted together over the last few years, is a flavor and experience called Cloudberry. The Lagunitas Hi-Fi Session beverages come in three delicious varieties, all with different cannabinoid ratios for folks of diverse experience and tolerance levels. Cloudberry is the most lightly dosed beverage in the line, containing 2mgs of CBD and 2mgs of THC per can. Hoppy Balance is in the middle, with 5mgs of CBD and 5mgs of THC per can, and Hoppy Chill is the most potent… Read more
ABX Live is AbsoluteXtracts’ line of strain-specific live resin cannabis oil concentrates. The ultra flavorful live resin cannabis oils provide a full-spectrum, terpene-rich experience mimicking fresh flowers. ABX Live strain offerings are rotated seasonally, so consumers can enjoy the latest strains from master breeders, folks who have dedicated their lives to cultivation –  formulators of California’s finest cannabis products. Whether you’re an avid dabber, or if you prefer to enjoy your ABX Live Resin in a convenient vape, there’s an ABX Live product for every taste.  Live Resin Carts… Read more
Otherwise known as HTE If you’re like us, you’re always looking for a more flavorful way to enjoy cannabis. Terp sauce is a special cannabis concentrate that overwhelms the consumer with an outstanding aroma that can only be found in fresh cannabis plants.  Keep reading to find out how terp sauce, or HTE, is made, and how it differs from other cannabis concentrates on the market today:  What is HTE? HTE, or high terpene extracts, are full-spectrum concentrates chock full of flavor. These extracts can be dabbed, added to joints, blunts, bowls, and bongs along with flower, or vaped. Terp… Read more
Hangovers suck, amirite? Sure, mixing tequila and rum or even downing four glasses of wine while binging your favorite show may feel like a good idea at the time, but it often takes the next day to realize… it wasn’t. The truth is, even scientists don’t fully know why veisalgia, colloquially known as hangovers exist, even after you’ve thrown up, sweated it out, or tried to sleep it off.  There is evidence of hangover symptoms, and some theories as to when, how, and why they occur, but again, nothing definitive to treat or prevent them. With so many unknowns, one thing’s for sure: we know a… Read more
Getting a good night’s sleep is a critical wellness practice that contributes to better overall function. Despite the appealing outcome of waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed, people throughout the world suffer in pursuit of the “recipe” to a proper night of sleep. The CDC claims that “about 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems.” These sleep conditions include, but are not limited to, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. The CDC also acknowledges that lack of sufficient sleep can contribute to accidents and injuries, the development of… Read more
The cannabis concentrates game is always leveling up. Since our products are always undergoing improvements as the cannabis industry propels forward, we wanted to catch you up on one of the industry’s coolest advancements: liquid diamonds. What Are Liquid Diamonds? As this unique concentrate’s name suggests, liquid diamonds are a potent (and flavorful) combination of live resin sauce and THCa Diamonds. With both solid and liquid properties, it’s just as stunning to look at as it is enjoyable to consume. How Are Liquid Diamonds Made To understand how liquid diamonds are made, you must… Read more
Many Dry January participants are leaning into their new alcohol-free lifestyles and extending it year-round. This is why we want to highlight another label for this mood–California sober.  Perhaps you heard the term from Demi Lovato, who had a brief stint with the Cali Sober lifestyle on their journey through recovery. Typically, this means living free of harder substances, like alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and other substances  Let’s be real, the emotional baggage associated with living through a pandemic is heavy, to say the very least, and giving up something that helps you wind down at… Read more