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Soft Gels

By Laine Hammer A new year means a new start, and ABX is here to announce a brand new product! We’ve created one of the most unique cannabis products in California – the 200mg THC Soft Gel. Designed for those who primarily use cannabis for medicinal purposes, our proprietary 200mg Soft Gel boasts the largest single dose of orally administered THC. Read on to learn all about how this unparalleled product came to be, why we’re excited about it, and the many reasons it might just be your new favorite way to consume cannabis. Routine & Reliable: THC Soft Gels for Everyday Relief We… Read more
By Seasoned Stoner In the spirit of living that #ABXAdventure life, I tried macrodosing at work. Yeah, you may have already heard about all the benefits of microdosing, but when my team and I were talking about soft gels, and I said, “I think I could take a 50mgs and still work,” the rest of the team said, “DO IT.” Here were the parameters: during the week (a day unknown to the rest of the team) I was going to take some of our soft gels, get super high, and try to work. They promised not to tell anyone else if they caught on. So, without further ado, this is the story about what happens… Read more