Sleepy Time Solventless +CBN Soft Gels 25mg
ABX Sleepy Time Solventless + CBN Soft Gels 25mg
ABX Sleepy Time
Soft Gels
Available sizes: 10 ct, 30 ct

Precise Dosing, Flavor Free, Long Lasting
25mg THC & 12.5mg CBN/soft gel

ABX Sleepy Time is made with ice water cannabis extract from whole flower cannabis, potent CBN, and calming terpenes designed to promote restful slumber.

Long-Lasting, Precisely Dosed Relief.

Potent cannabis oil in an easy-to-consume soft gel capsule makes for a price-effective solution that’s appropriate for everyday use. Available in a range of THC dosage amounts to suit individual needs.

Ingredients: MCT, Gelatin, Glycerin, Cannabis Oil