ABX - LA Pop Rocks Sauce Vape
LA Pop Rocks Sauce Vape
Sauce Cartridges
Available sizes: 1g

Delight in the unique blend of ABX's LA Pop Rocks Sauce Cartridge, a concoction that promises a burst of complex flavors. A fusion of zesty and spicy notes, combined with a subtle floral essence, creates a tapestry of taste that dances on the palate. This sauce cartridge is perfect for those seeking a sensory adventure, potentially offering a balanced euphoria and relaxation. Ideal for moments of social gatherings or personal reflection.

ABX Sauce Cartridges feature carefully curated whole cannabis terp sauce, or HTE (high terpene extract), and deliver real cannabis flavor, aroma, and effects. All thriller, no filler.

  • Made from premium California cannabis flower
  • Full-spectrum, strain-specific, true-to-plant
  • 100% cannabis flavor and effects
  • Terpenes, flavinoids, and cannabinoids from fresh frozen flower
  • No artificial flavors, additives, or fillers
  • Delivers the widest range of real cannabis effects in ceramic core cartridges