ABX - Modified Grapes Sauce + Diamonds
Modified Grapes Sauce and Diamonds
Available sizes: 1g

 Modified Grapes has been circulating in Northern California for the last couple of years and is quickly becoming a mainstay on the solventless scene. This unique cross of GMO and Purple Punch merges raunchy funk flavors with candy grape-floral notes from the Punch that creates a tasty almost sweet and sour effect. Classic chem, pungent fuel, and sweet grape come together to create a delicious fruit and fuel terp that leaves us wanting more. Modified Grapes is another euphoric indica hybrid that is best enjoyed when there isn’t much to do.

Seasonally fresh, strain-specific live resin concentrates. Robust full-spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profiles of live flower, fit for the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur.

Ingredients: Live Resin