ABX - Chembow Badder
Chembow Badder
Available sizes: 1g

Chemdawg x Rainbow Kush
Immerse yourself in the adventurous spirit of ABX's Chembow Badder. Chembow offers a robust experience with a melody of flavors that include zesty citrus, invigorating spice, and a grounding earthiness. Ideal for those in search of a stimulating and enriching sensory journey, this blend stands out for its complex and vibrant profile. Perfect for moments of exploration or revitalizing your day, ABX's Chembow Badder is a choice for the bold and the adventurous.

Seasonally fresh, strain-specific live resin concentrates. Robust full-spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profiles of live flower, fit for the most seasoned cannabis connoisseur.

Ingredients: Live Resin