WTF is ABX Live?

ABX University
April 5, 2022
ABX Live Resin

ABX Live is AbsoluteXtracts’ line of strain-specific live resin cannabis oil concentrates. The ultra flavorful live resin cannabis oils provide a full-spectrum, terpene-rich experience mimicking fresh flowers.

ABX Live strain offerings are rotated seasonally, so consumers can enjoy the latest strains from master breeders, folks who have dedicated their lives to cultivation –  formulators of California’s finest cannabis products. Whether you’re an avid dabber, or if you prefer to enjoy your ABX Live Resin in a convenient vape, there’s an ABX Live product for every taste. 

Live Resin Carts

ABX Live Resin is accessibly available through any 510 thread vape battery with ABX Live premium vaporizer cartridges. ABX Live cartridges currently feature strain-specific varieties like Ambrosia, Banana Kush, NYC Chemdawg, Orange Creamsicle, Pineapple Sherbet, Special Cookies, Super Lemon Glue, and Wedding Cake

Live Resin Darts

The ABX Live Dart pod and battery system allows consumers to recharge their favorite sleek, black, ABX branded vape battery for use at any time. The Dart system is comfortable to hold and use, and pairs perfectly with AbsoluteXtracts strain-specific dart pods. Micro-USB rechargeable, inhale activated, and magnetic pod connection for on-the-go peak performance. ABX Live Dart pods currently come in strain-specific varieties like Banjo, Chocolate Kush, Grape Animals, Jack Flash, Mint Cookies, Pineapple Afghani, Pink Lemonade, and Sour Diesel

Live Resin Concentrate

Used in dab rigs, or added into joints and blunts to contribute to potency and flavor, the ABX Live concentrate line currently features strain-specific varieties like Banjo, Censored Cane, Emerald OG, Gelato, Lava Cake, Mendo Breath, Pink Lemonade, Purple Punch, Sour Diesel, Tangie Circus, and Wedding Cake.

Live Resin vs. Sauce (HTE) vs. Liquid Diamonds

It might seem hard to grasp the seemingly subtle differences between cannabis concentrates, so we’ve broken it down for you:

Live Resin starts with fresh frozen cannabis flower in order to preserve optimal terpene expression. The process of making live resin requires the use of a hydrocarbon solvent to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Once the extraction is complete, a gritty texture will begin to form over the next two days. Live resin concentrates are composed of terpene-rich sauce and chunky THCa crystals, for a potent and flavorful experience all around.

To make high-terpene full-spectrum extractions, otherwise known as sauce or HTE, live resin is left to cure for a bit longer (until THCa crystals begin to form,) and then the sauce is separated out, leaving behind an aromatic, flavorful concentrate. The more liquidy a sauce, the more terpene-rich it is! Sauce can be enjoyed on its own, or can be blended to make a flavorful, high-potency cannabis oil. 

ABX Live resin vapes are a cohesive blend of live resin and decarboxylated THCa diamonds, or “liquid diamonds.” THCa diamonds are heated so they melt down into a liquid form that can be seamlessly blended into the liquidy terp sauce. ABX Live vapes are terpene-rich, potent, and aesthetically pleasing, offering consumers a strong, flavorful true-to-flower experience perfect for just about any occasion.

How to Enhance Your Recreational Time With ABX Live

  • Before a yoga session
  • Prior to a sound bath
  • When doing flotation therapy 
  • Before a ski session
  • During a well-balanced meal with plenty of flavor and seasoning
  • At a music festival 
  • Before a massage
  • On a walk by the water
  • After 18 holes of disc golf
  • When you need a hit of flower but can’t spark a joint
  • Or any way you like!
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